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o  What is Xdialog ?

Xdialog is designed to be a drop in replacement for the "dialog" or "cdialog" programs. It converts any terminal based program into a program with an X-windows interface. The dialogs are easier to see and use while adding even more functionalities (e.g. with the treeview, the file selector, the edit box, the range box, the help button/box). Because Xdialog uses GTK+, it will also match your desktop theme.

But Xdialog may also replace other utilities: here is Xmessage, a small wrapper script that you may use IOT emulate closely the "xmessage" utility with Xdialog... ;-)

Xdialog was first wrote by Alfred at Cyberone Internet. I further developed the code in order to meet my own needs.

o  Screen shots:

Because I lack time, I could not update the following screenshots with the new Xdialog v2.1.2 widgets (logbox, spin boxes, combobox, colorsel, fontsel)... Please, take a look at the online documentation to discover these new widgets.
(*) Any Xdialog widget (but the gauge and the fselect) may be set up with help button and help box.
With a Javascript enabled browser, just move the mouse over the screen shot name and wait for the image to load on the right and the script to appear below... ;-)

It is now (Xdialog v1.4.6 and later) possible to display an icon on the left of the text in most boxes (i.e. in boxes that accept a <text> parameter). The buttons may also be decorated with icons (the buttons style may be: icon+text, icon only or text only).

On the right, you can see a live example (this is a menu used in my own ppp-on script).

o  Current release:

The current release is v2.3.1. You will find here the ChangeLog and the FAQ.

o  Remarks regarding some distributions quirks:
o  Xdialog archives:
o  Xdialog links and contact list:
o  Links to projects using Xdialog:

Here are all the projects I am aware of that use Xdialog (if you run such a project and would like it to appear below, please let me know):

o  Links to dialog/cdialog related stuff:
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